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Pip Kruger

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Pip Kruger


Pip Kruger is inspired by seemingly insignificant moments of beauty. A keen observer and an obsessive notebook carrier, the world around her is constantly recorded in pen and ink drawings. These drawings, taken from her everyday life, are the basis for Kruger’s illustrations. Despite her practice being firmly grounded in contemporary digital design, the works are never sterile. She always stays true to the hand drawn origins, bringing warmth and charm.


The process of hunting and gathering has led Pip to experiment with elements such as fabric pattern and texture in her digital collages. The analogue practice of collaging combines seamlessly with her digital approach and brings a sense of nostalgia to the work. Favourite childhood knitted sweaters are given new life, alongside patterned pooches and wedding doves in lace brocade. The sentiment is honest, personable and constantly optimistic. Pip focuses on humble moments that make you smile, rendered through illustrations as something to hold on to and treasure.




instagram: @pipkruger