24 JUNE – 5 July

My name is Beth Newton. I am a designer and maker of many things! I have always had a passion for creating, since I was a little girl, and over the past few years I have been fortunate enough to turn this hobby into a business.

My main practice is in leatherwork, and predominantly hand stamped designs, as I love making one of a kind pieces.

My skills in leatherwork began early in my childhood, in the shed with my dad. He got into a bit of leatherwork in his early 20s and then taught me (and my sisters) how to make various leather items, like key rings and bracelets, when we were young. As I grew older I enjoyed making stamped leather gifts for friends and family, and this included a lot of experimenting, which has lead me to the skills I have today.

My work from day to day is a combination of my own designs as well as personalised, custom pieces, and I enjoy the variety this brings. There are a few stores in Adelaide that stock some of my designs, and custom orders are organised through my Facebook page, Etsy shop or Instagram account.

I am excited about being a part of Brick & Mortar Creative this year and plan to run some creative workshops where you can get stuck into stamping some of your own designs!



Etsy shop:

Instagram: @bethnewtonhandmade