Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November, full day courses 


If you need to increase the number of inquiries into your business, want to outrank your competitors on Google and want to use digital marketing to work smarter, not harder, then join us at Blogging for Business and Social media Savvy. This dynamic duo of courses is designed to pack a one-two power punch, combining highly practical, jargon-free learning with smart strategy and creativity.
We cover: how to write quickly and effectively, how to better understand what your prospects are interested in, how to overcome misconceptions about your business and industry, and how to warm up inquiries into buying.
Presented by Brook McCarthy, a writer and digital marketing trainer, and Miranda Ivey, an online business strategist, you’ll leave armed with the know-how to grow your inquires, increase your professional profile and build your business.
Courses are fully catered and include homework preparatory task, hand-outs, and follow up resources.
Follow Brook McCarthy HERE and Miranda Ivey of Dotti Media HERE and sample some content with Brook McCarthy’s great blog below – Marketing shortcut: Blogging for Business

Wondering if or why you need to blog for business? If your website seems lost to Google, if you’ve got clients that love you, just not enough of them, if the phone is not ringing off the hook, and you’re spending time and effort on the internet, marketing your business, for little result, then it’s time to you started blogging for business. Consistently.
Business blogging sells for you

If your service or product is premium-priced or you’re in a competitive marketing, people won’t find your business online and purchase straight away. Most of us are brought up with the advice that we should never buy straight away – that we should always walk away first, research and reflect, and never trust a salesperson.

Once we understand that purchasing happens – and especially purchasing of our premium-priced items – over the long term, our approach changes.

Your business blog posts are like a series of conversations with your prospects. They are designed to sell, but rarely directly. Instead, they work to educate and correct misperceptions and misunderstandings. They address barriers to purchase (which include misperceptions and misunderstandings, but also any worries or concern that the prospect may have).

Blogging to help your website rank

Over the last eight years, I’ve worked on many business websites to help them rank better on Google. For a small business website without a blog, this is increasingly difficult, especially if their competitors are outranking them.

The most effective way to improve your website ranking is through regular blogging on your topic. Blogging on a wide variety of random topics won’t help your site rank. You need to choose your categories, which will relate to the desired search terms you want your website to rank for, and stick with those.

Blog regularly, link to it through social media and other sites where possible, and watch your site rise up the rankings.

Blogging as your customer service representative

Big businesses have dedicated teams of customer service representatives to help answer people’s questions, help people decide between this or that, allay any fears, reassure any insecurities and share quality information on the business’s offerings.

Small businesses don’t have that luxury. Instead they have blogs. Your business blog acts as your best customer service representative – because you control the experience.

You almost always have more misconceptions and misunderstandings to overcome than you believe you do. The only way to do this is through sharing quality information and building trust.

Blogging to build trust and credibility

Any business can claim to be better than yours – and many do. We don’t win at business by shouting the loudest. We win by being the most believable, the most credible, the most reputable: and this is earnt over time.

So how do we build trust? Through doing what we say we’re going to do. By being consistent over time. And one of the ways we do this is to be predictable in our marketing. Now predictable doesn’t mean ‘boring’, far from it! I would never advise any business to be boring. (You may as well prepare your funeral now if that’s your agenda.)

Predictable means blogging once a week, once a fortnight or once a month – whatever timetable you’ve set for yourself – and sticking to it. It means sending your email newsletter once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, not just when you’ve got a promotion or exciting news to announce.

Trust takes time. Don’t get distracted by the up-and-coming businesses embracing faddish marketing ploys – they’re not likely to be around next year. Commit to your schedule and follow through. That’s all.

Blogging for word-of-mouth referrals

Business blogging makes it easy for others to refer business to you – through your social media share buttons that allow your friends, family and clients to quickly and easily share a link to your post. You can explain what you do better than anyone. Your blog posts will demonstrate your expertise far more eloquently than others can. Effective blogging for business will help you gain word-of-mouth referrals by giving your existing fans a reason to share your business with others, with just a click or two.

Blogging helps you write better

In my Blogging for Business courses, which I’ve run around Australia, most participants don’t identify as writers. In fact, many tell me how they believe they’re bad writers, perhaps remembering old wounds from school days.

The fact is, everybody writes, every day. Especially when you’re self-employed, you’ll need to write, not only for marketing, but to service your clientele and deal with your suppliers.

Blogging regularly will not only help you write better, it helps you think better. Writing helps order your thoughts, evaluate options, and communicate – not just with others, but with yourself.

There’s a formula to effective copy writing and it can most definitely be taught. We all write; we all must write. So we may as well get better at it and even learn to enjoy it.

Blogging for Business & Social Media Savvy courses are happening on November 10 and 11, 10am-5pm. For more information and to book, visit