Sunday 31 July – Sunday 11 September 2016 




When was the last time you took a walk outside? Not the rush from A to B or the lunchtime dash to the shops but a leisurely stroll with time to stop and quite literally smell the roses and look us at the trees.


As we make ourselves constantly ‘busy’ with everyday rituals and routines and lock ourselves within our homes and workspaces, I think some of us forget to spend time outside admiring the beauty of nature. I often draw inspiration from nature for the shapes that appear in my artwork but I confess many of these forms come from my memory, imagination or late-night internet searches for photos of plants and flowers.


And so, at the beginning of this year, I stepped outside and looked up at the trees to appreciate their forms and colours for real. I took walks in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens, Botanic Park and beyond and it felt good for the soul and was good for inspiration.


‘Botanic’ is my series of colourful, graphic interpretation of trees I stopped to admire. It is my attempt to bring a little nature inside and remind us to take breaks and spend some time outside amongst it.


About the Artist


Claire Ishino studied Jewellery Design (and a year of Graphics) at the University of South Australia. She spent several years living and working in Japan making colourful washi paper collage, resin and silver jewellery before returning to Adelaide where she now concentrates on producing gouache or acrylic paintings and black and white illustrations. Claire exhibits and sells her work through local galleries, shops and at design events such as Bowerbird. Her work has been licensed to teNeues Publishing Co. in New York for use on stationery and was also featured as one of 100 illustrators in ‘Work/Life 3: The UPPERCASE directory of Illustrators’ published by Janine Vangool, Canada.


Claire’s work is inspired by nature, words, thoughts, emotions and her love of colour, repetition and pattern. Her style is clean and graphic with crisp edges between colours and small details reflective of her background in Jewellery.