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by Corinne Pettigrew, Corinne Melanie Art


This exhibition of original paintings by Adelaide artist Corinne Pettigrew is a grand-scale collection of captivating and uplifting celestial skies, clouds and abstract constellations, inspired by the complexities of life and finding joy in the dark.


The exhibition will run until 10 September, including as part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival period 1-31 August 2017.


The inspiration for creating this series of paintings arose from our fast-paced world, and all the complexities that present themselves to us in these modern times. A simple act such as taking time to look at the clouds and sky is a powerful way to slow down and appreciate the present moment, and I wanted to recreate that feeling in these cloudscape artworks.


My paintings begin as digital artwork – each and every brush stroke is hand-painted using advanced technology, a touch screen canvas and my brush; a process that takes many, many hours. Using this technology I can create effects that aren’t possible with traditional methods and deeper, richer colours. Following this, my artworks are produced to large-scale canvases, in a special fine-art reproduction method known as Giclée where archival quality inks are sprayed onto the canvas. I then add further acrylic paints and iridescent mediums to the canvas to deepen the artwork and add texture, which is followed by several glossy layers of lacquer.


This artwork was produced from my moment of chaos and uncertainty, and looking back at it all I feel like I’ve achieved the desired sense of calm I was seeking. Not only in the artwork I’ve created, but in myself too. No matter where you are on your walk of life, I hope you too can take a look at these pieces and find yourself in a moment of calm, and think “I thought it would rain”, but it didn’t. It was all okay in the end. We are all okay.


Please join us for the exhibition launch on Thursday 29 June 6.30-9pm.

Register your attendance to assist us with catering requirements via our website ‘events’ page: