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*In light of Covid-19 our coworking space is currently closed.


Brick+Mortar’s coworking space offers private ‘capsule’ studios/offices for creative businesses as well as free hot desk space in the upstairs open area for casual coworkers. Our cafe is just downstairs and we can bring coffee and eats right to your desk.

HOT DESKS: Our hot desks are free, don’t require booking, and include free wifi for one hour or 150MB, whichever comes first. You can purchase data at $3 for 500MB valid for 24 hours, $5 for 1GB over 7 days, $20 for 5GB over 14 days or $30 for 10GB over 30 days. We use Uniti Wireless WDSL with 50MB/sec download speed (wireless DSL provides similar speeds to fibre and avoids peak usage period slowdowns). All you need to do to access wifi is enter your email address. We don’t retain or use your details in any way because we think you should decide how your personal data gets used, not us. If you have any difficulty logging in please call the friendly Time Out support line on 1300 557 754.


PRIVATE STUDIOS: Our private ‘capsule studios’ are built from repurposed ply shipping boxes and based on the concept of a Japanese ‘capsule hotel’ – small but thoughtfully designed. They have a modest 13sqm footprint to accommodate a creative business office or a small makers studio, are lockable and include storage space, and basic office furniture (please note the studios are open-topped so not sound-proof).


Private studios are available to hire on a daily ($39 incl gst), weekly ($210 incl gst) or monthly ($775 incl gst) basis. You can book daily or weekly hire by calling our store on 0452 140 849. For monthly hire please email us at [email protected] Ongoing monthly tenancies over 3 months include 24 hour access and 3GB/day free wifi.  All bookings are payable in advance, with no refunds for date change or cancellation.  

Below are links to our permanent coworking tenants, you’re welcome to drop in to their offices and make contact any time.

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