Elaine Cheng

Elaine Cheng


With her sketchbook and watercolours at hand, illustrator Elaine Cheng paints your everyday subjects with an expressive touch. From cafes to walkways to strangers passing by on the streets, you will find an Adelaide with stories to tell and places to dwell, bringing a new perspective to the people and places you may think you know.

Different to these whimsical sketches are contemporary portraits that explore the human mind and its perspectives on society. Inspired by fashion and the human form, these portraits are an ongoing collection of works that dip into the darker side of one’s imagination.

Hand-painted with ink, watercolour, pencil. Made in Adelaide, by Adelaide.

Website: elainecheng.com.au

Instagram: instagram.com/cheng.e

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elainechengart/