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Irina is an artist and jewellery maker. Her ‘Flowers In Your Hair’ jewellery encompasses the Australian native and introduced flora carefully collected, dried and preserved in resin.

Irina was born in Estonia and moved to Australia 8 years ago. She draws the inspiration from flora and everyday life. Even a walk down the street is full of personal discoveries; new trees, flowers, plants, birds. Everything ‘calling out’, for close examination. She is fascinated to walk through the Australian bush, manicured gardens and even unkempt abandoned plots of land, to discover new plants and flowers.

Her floral paintings on wood represent imagined and re-envisaged flowers that bear reference to her established jewellery creations of pressed flowers. There is a breadth of vision and space that hints at middle era tapestry art, two dimensional mythical art, and concoctions of dreamed up plants from another planet, and or, of existing in distant time. There is also the direct observation of the here and now planted and stamped on wood. Wooden background creates a warm feeling and brings you one step closer to the flora depicted on her  paintings.

Irina’s art, both jewellery and paintings is a reaction and response to the plethora of beauty existent in our gardens and natural environment that many may take for granted. 

You can purchase a variety of jewellery, original paintings, tote bags and a collection of greeting cards