Jack’s production company, Jam Tree Media is based in the Adelaide Hills, and he’s been making some behind the scenes footage for us focusing on our makers and their work, our events and workshops, our coworking community and cafe. We asked him a couple of quick questions about his craft.


1. You’re a very intuitive filmmaker, what do you focus on when you’re behind the lens?

When I’m behind the lens I’m constantly thinking of my project as a whole. I consider how my shots will flow together in the edit and what music will accompany the final piece. Because I’m shooting in someone else’s creative space, I try to not disrupt the nature and mood that has been established. This way I can capture moments as they naturally unfold. For that reason I always have my finger hovering over the record button, always ready to capture the unscripted moments. 


2. There are a lot of elements to filmmaking, what part of creating films do you enjoy most? 

I love the spontaneous nature of film making. I have to go with the flow and be open to change because no shoot is ever the same. I’ve found that I really enjoy over coming little obstacles that I face when shooting on the fly. The problem solving element is very appealing to me as it’s so valuable to be able to implement things I’ve learnt and improve with each video I make. 


If you’d like to get in touch with Jack, or keep up to date with his work, you can find him  @jamtreemedia on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo, email jamtreemedia@gmail.com or 0468 588 056.