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Lucinda is a designer with a very fine sensibility for human interaction, and spaces both physical and digital. Her greatest strength is in problem solving using design thinking.


Lucinda is an active member of the design and startup community. She gets a kick out of connecting creative people with resources and networks — through running ‘Awesome Foundation’ which gives $1k grants every month to anything awesome and ‘Friends with Benefits’, a platform to give creative folk a place to showcase their produce or ideas.


The Awesome Foundation gives $1000 grants to Awesome ideas and projects in South Australia — a simple process, with zero strings attached. They are a group of people who really like awesome ideas, projects and initiatives that have the potential to make a difference.


Lucinda is also working on a new project, Rai Project. The project began by Lucinda asking “how can human-centered brand design be applied to and solve small to medium sized business problems?”


Rai Project is a local, Adelaide Hills creative studio focused on helping business that are stuck on a plateau to flourish. Through a mix of strategy and identity they work to reveal opportunities, to reshape business to tackle future problems, and motivate ongoing growth.


By reshaping the design approach, Rai Project aims to reshape local business in Adelaide Hills and broader South Australia.



More information on the Awesome Project can be found at:

More information can be found about Lucinda here