13th – 19th June


Nathan March has worked in the creative industries for over twenty years, first as an actor and playwright and now as a filmmaker and magazine publisher.


“When I was a teenager I didn’t want to be a professional actor because of the lack of job security, but I couldn’t kick the creative urge and here I am, twenty years later, still making something from nothing”.


Nathan’s experience, both in promoting his own work and watching other creatives connect with their audience, was the catalyst for his business venture, Follow Magazine. The bi-monthly publication provides inspiration and tools for creative people building an audience online and developing their arts practice into an arts business.


Follow Magazine is based in Adelaide and has readers all over the world, from Croatia to the United States to New Zealand. The bedrock of content is interviews with artists and other creatives about how they market their work. In the six months that Nathan has been publishing the magazine, he has interviewed dozens of creatives and built a social media community of almost twenty thousand people.


The Follow Magazine platform is made up of an app available on Google Play and the App Store, a blog and website and, a regular newsletter and suite of tools and consultation packages to help artists grow their business.


The key to Follow Magazine’s success has been Nathan’s focus on networking and offering great value. With a small injection of his own capital to lift the venture, Nathan has relied on relationships to leverage that investment into partnerships across the globe. He has developed marketing exchanges with other businesses such as Arts Row in the US, and Creative Quarterly, Social Trend Marketing and Filmstro in the UK.


The most important relationships are, of course, with the creative and generous artists that supply the content and buy the magazine. A few of the Adelaide creatives that Follow Magazine has promoted to the world are filmmaker Kirsty Stark, musicians Lovers Electric and AAA+, and visual artists, Peter Drew and Pennie Emma from Hummingpea.


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