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The Label


O, speak is a fashion label for outgoing customers who don’t want to be hushed by the monotony of mass produced, disposable clothing, but rather want to express themselves through threads, using wearable art as a medium to tell the world something of themselves.


O, speak creates easy wear and care garments, made to the highest of standards in Australia, in timeless styles that our customers will eventually wear through, rather than tire of. With ageless silhouettes, exclusive in-house prints and a carefully selected colour palette, O, speak acts against fast-fashion and seasonal trends, so you can keep wearing your garments for years to come.


We cater to a broad range of ages, shapes and sizes. Basically, if you feel good in it, we want you wearing it! Every collection we create will be comprised of a diverse range of styles, in order to accommodate and to celebrate the diversity of bodies.


Our garments are made in Adelaide with materials, expertise and manufacturing sourced in South Australia wherever possible.


E: info@ospeak.com.au
W: www.ospeak.com.au
I: instagram.com/o_speak
F: www.facebook.com/ospeakau