Our coffee is as local and as good as you can get.


Roasted just 10 minutes away from our store by award winning family business 1645 Coffee Roasters, it’s a perfect blend of high quality ethically sourced beans, expertise won through 11 years of roasting, and a family that cares about every aspect of what they do.


Partnering great beans with our all-female barista team we won the coveted ‘Best Coffee’ award in the Eastside Business Awards 2019, and were listed in the top 4 for both best coffee and best café in the awards’ inaugural year in 2018.


From spending time on the farms with the people who grow and harvest the beans, to dealing only with those who ensure a fully traceable and ethical supply, guaranteeing fair stable prices so farmers can invest in their crops with confidence over the long term, 1645 lead the industry by example, and with heart.


Winners of multiple roasting awards, both nationally and internationally, 1645 are proud to list the grower’s name on the packaging of all their single origin roasts, alongside the more traditional tasting notes. As often as not when the beans are from a country like Colombia or Rwanda it’s a woman who manages the farm as a result of their husband having been drafted into military service or being a casualty of violence. In fact you’d know more about the farmer, the farm where your coffee is being grown and the 1645 family that roasts it than you would about pretty well anything else in your grocery basket.


Feel free to ask us in store for more information about our milk coffee ‘heirloom blend’ (you can buy our beans retail if you’d like to take them home) and for our single origin beans we have printed material detailing the growers’ story and their process, as well as all the information you need to be confident the beans are best quality and ethically sourced: producers, region, altitude, variety, process, farm and merchant.


We’re proud to be partnered with 1645 Coffee Roasters and love what we do together. We hope you do too.