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Two months since the start of the devastating South Australian bushfires, we are committing $5,000 to local bushfire relief. In terms of media cycles it’s a long time. In terms of rebuilding and rehabilitation in the aftermath of such devastation, for so many it’s just the beginning of a long hard slog.  That’s why we wanted to put this here now.


Because, while we were fortunate to be involved with some hands-on efforts in early January sending supplies to the Kangaroo Island refuge centre via @edibleexchange, and have so happily spent time and money since in the beautiful #adelaidehills, it’s so important we don’t let our support wane as the visceral impact of all those terrifying images starts to fade. We wanted to join so many who have so generously donated time, goods and money to help, and because our focus at Brick+Mortar is local we wanted to make sure our support goes to South Australians.


We’re using this excellent article put together by CityMag as a guide which sorts ‘how to help’ into four areas: our extraordinary emergency crews, human victims, wildlife victims and political action.

If you have capacity to help, or want to know how to write to your local MP for meaningful action on climate change please have a read of the article. And if you have any other suggestions of where and how people can help locally please feel free to post below.
And in the meantime please continue to #bookthemout #buyfromthebush take an #emptyesky and #spendwiththembecause #climatechangeisreal and this is our future if we don’t make serious change now. 🌏

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