The way workshop applications work at Brick+Mortar is outlined below in general terms but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



To apply to run a workshop at Brick+Mortar please contact us at hello@brickandmortarcreative with the following details:


  1. Preferred dates and workshop duration:
  1. Ticket price:
  1. Maximum number of tickets to be sold (max 20 unless arranged separately with us):
  1. Any Earlybird pricing details (eg how many earlybird tickets to release) and timeframes (when they’re offered until):
  1. Date and time for ticket sales to end (to allow you to prep materials etc):
  1. A description/blurb of what the workshop offers (check out current workshops on our website if you’re not sure what to write), links through to your profile and contact email (for workshop content related queries):
  1. A med-high res image (we’re happy to provide suitable images if you would prefer):
  2. AV requirements



  • We provide tables and seating for up to 18 people which can be configured flexibly to suit your workshop purpose.
  • A lectern/presentation table can be made available on request.
  • Whiteboard and projector are available to hire for an additional fee of $40 plus gst.
  • Workshops are held on Sundays subject to availability, additional pricing of $60 per hour plus gst applies to workshops held after our regular opening hours (which are 8am-4pm)


  • We charge 25% of net ticket sales, with a minimum charge of $150, which is non-refundable in the case of cancellation. An extra $50 fee applies for any date changes.
  • This pricing applies for workshops up to 3 hours duration with a maximum of 20 people, feel free to contact us if you have other requirements.
  • Sales are made through Eventbrite, and you decide if the eventbrite booking fee and gst are absorbed into the ticket price or passed on to the workshop participant.
  • After we receive the ticket sales funds from Eventbrite (which can take several days) we let you know the net sales amount (ticket price less gst and booking fee) less 25% or $150, whichever is higher. Then you invoice us and we pay you within a week!



  • Our bookings are listed on Eventbrite (content drafted by you, image supplied by you or us) and then listed on our website, our Facebook events page, and posted about on our instagram and facebook accounts
  • It will also be written up on our in-store workshops/events noticeboard at Brick+Mortar and in some cases featured in our subscriber newsletter.
  • We also source commissioned private workshop bookings for corporate programs and private events.



Thankyou, and we look forward to being in touch!


Brick+Mortar Creative