I am a textile designer and live in Adelaide. My ideas derive from the world around me. The Australian landscape is a great source of inspiration and is reflected in most of my designs. Our garden is sometimes scattered with gum leaves from the grand rivergum nearby and the twigs that fall have made it into my collection.


Often it is the detail in a leaf structure or the colour combination in a Eucalyptus bark that gets my attention. I don’t make pictures, I keep my designs simple and focus on proportion, size, structure and colour combination. This approach derives from my design training and gives me a sound basis to work from.


Following my training in design in Switzerland I worked for the textile industry, designing woven fabrics for domestic furnishings, airplane, train and bus interiors. Fabric samples were first woven on hand looms and then made into production on the industrial looms. My objectives were and still are, to design textiles that are stylish, timeless and appropriate in their use.


“Since coming to Australia in 1977 I have expanded my practice to encompass a broad range of textile design applications including carpet design, wall hangings, community art and cultural development, gift wrapping and fashion accessories. I have retailed production lines in craft outlets across Australia and worked on numerous commissions for interior architects and museum displays.


In my current collection I am using screen printing, making a range of domestic fabric pieces as well as a limited range of fashion items. My preference is to use natural fibre fabrics such as linen and organic cotton for their richness, quality and environmental sustainability. I design and make the work myself, but am open to delegate part of the making, as my business grows. For my next collection I plan to explore digital printing. The possibilities in design and colour are almost limitless.

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